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Cam's adventure going to a music festival alone.

written by Cam, the lonesome music lover

This blog was long over due. The beginning for 2023, CCAradio was given free tickets by Goldenvoice, a ticket distributor of the bay area, to go the Portola music festival. I had never heard of the festival so we looked up the set list. It was stacked with artists I knew; I needed to go. There was just one problem, the festival was in October and you needed to be 21 or over to go. I was the only 21 year old that could go. Nobody else was 21 at the time the festival would be happening. 

Going to places alone is not a problem for me. It was the staying in said places that was a problem. As an introvert, the idea of being alone for 11 hours surrounded by strangers was not enticing especially in a place I had never been before. But I said yes anyways. I needed to see the artists I wanted to see! I wanted to come out of my shell and go to a music festival for the first time!

As the event grew closer and closer, I started to psych myself out, but then I thought to myself; It's my final year of school and when would I get an oppurtunity like this again? So I went. No going back now. (1).gif


After the first day, I had a positive outlook on the next. I was more confident getting ready, and I was so excited I left earlier than I hoped. The DJ sets were in the warehouse you could hear the bass of the speakers rattle the building as you entered the festival.  When music you love begins to play all your worries of being seen kind of melt away.

Sam Gelliatry, little simz, Thundercat, Rina Sawayama, Labrynth, Skrillex and Little Dragon to close the night. I never thought I would see all these people live in my lifetime let alone in one day. Music festivals are fun when you're with friends to fill the air between sets but being alone can be just as fun. You can do everything you want without the worry of losing your group. It's just you and the music. Sometimes that's all there needs to be.



Saturday, I get ready. The day before I asked my boss (shout out Mike) to pick who I should go see the first day. I had little knowledge on the artists playing that day but when I told him he got jealous and told me who to go see. So that day I like to imagine I was vicariously living for him. The only artist I really wanted to see was NELLY FREAKING FURTADO.

Apparently, it was her first time in a long time to perform on a stage. If I hadn't gone I would have missed an incredible experience like listening to her hits live. She was one of the last performances I watched too. Like I said, I am unafraid to leave a place no matter how soon I've come.  9 pm I was on my way out and ready for the next day.

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