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“Ask for location”

I haven’t been in San Francisco long, but during my time here, I’ve been able to attend a handful of shows and events. All of them are memorable but, there’s something about Outhouse’s events that brought an overwhelming feeling of community and personality. Don’t mistake me. I’ve found community in different areas and people out here, and when pinching the range to the punk scene, this specific show at the Sutros Bath caves sprung up first.

The show started at 9pm, which my friends and I got lucky to make front of pits, after walking up a tall sidewalk and trailing an off-path to the caves. It was Halloween night so some showed up as characters and some were painted in all blue. I tried to be a Jesse Pinkman, but it's kind of funny how it meshed into a casual fit instead of a character. The walkway going in was lit with candles inside pumpkins. At the end of the cave were drums, amps, speakers, and mics setup for the bands, which were protected all night by this 5 foot-something person with a bunny hat. They kept the mosh side in check the whole time. Later in the night, my friend was able to take a head back as a souvenir.


Most of the bands on the poster don’t have a Spotify, Soundcloud, or a website/social media profile, so I’ve attached whatever links to what I could surface. They all brought their own sound infused into the punk genre. So if that’s your thing, I promise there’s something in each of them that enthusiasts can find to appreciate. There’s a Spotify code including X-ACTO’S music and other songs related to the night. I hope listeners can kick & sweat, and if curious, ask for a location through Outhouse’s page (@outhouse_sf). I've seen recent posters with Snowball Fight and Repo Man, so keep an eye out for their stories.

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