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My Mountain Music
By:Angela Zamora

The safety of a walk within music

What encourages my walks are the gentle moments I feel alone. I finally feel awake with the touch of a breeze and a music feed to rely on. I walk through the forest and hills where I spent my high school years wishing for the life I have working for my art degree.

Passing by bushes of instrumentals and dead leaves, the combination of "Pretty Things" by The Gentle Waves sets my mind for my work at home. Isolating into my work seems to drive my days faster. Peace returns with steady songs reminding me this summer is temporary.

My walks twined with memories before
video 2023
music by me

When I go on walks alone I hear the sounds of children and the natural echoes of the forest. I can't help but think of my friends. I think of how our walks have bonded us. Our walks at night and our walks during the day, I see our friendship through passing the school where children play.

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