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Logo artist: -Jaya Reddy, Young artist pursuing new passions

Season 2

What moves us to create? What moves us to write? Humble Pie Radio Show is a vessel for the writing community to connect, support each other, share our work and offer insights into our creative process.


Join us at 6pm every Thursday, listen on demand or contact us at to be featured. 

Spring 2022 has been a turbulent semester for many, from staff to students to professors to the entire departments and the college in general.


Humble Pie, both the literary magazine and the radio show, didn’t escape the rocky road either. After undergoing many changes, we’ve survived to bring you a short but important season infused with politics and social problems we’ve been facing and are still facing today. Yet, even the most challenging topics we aim to approach with tenderness and humanity. 

Season 1

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