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It [punk rock] was about individuality, diversity, and self-expression. And not giving a damn about what people said and doing stuff anyway. “ —John Doe, X

My name is Tom and I have been teaching simple guided meditations for 10+ years. Punk rock was always simple and straightforward, no BS, and the truth showed up when you went to find it for yourself. I believe this is how we can make shifts in our life. Meditation is great for anyone to use and apply to their everyday lives, from how they interact with a partner or spouse, to dealing with school, work, or life stress and how to create personal growth. We are all on our path and sometimes we forget to breathe into it and allow our true self to come through. Get present, get grounded, allow your life to be. Student feedback includes more ease, less stress, and feeling more comfortable in their own skin. Do what's true to you. 

Wednesdays at 12 pm​

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