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Feeling Homesick... Vs Self

Vs Self  ended the month of April strong, with a tambourine, drum set, guitars, and vocals. And jumping surfers, which knocked out a collection of my jewelry onto the Great American Music Hall's venue floor. With that said, this show was a great turnout in the crowd, and from Vs Self and their openers: Knumears, Drought, and Hold me, Harold

Vs Self  is a spread of midwest emo and screamo -- also self-described as 'farwest' emo --- from Southern California. They've gained more traction from songs off their EP such as "Yesterday By Beatles Or: Imagine By Yoko Ono As Sung By John Lennon" and "Mourn." Made up of three members: Kyle, Frankie, & Dante: and their instruments, which make up their fast drums and smooth guitar/vox over their gutting and moody lyrics. It's only right they've gotten bigger as an internet presence, in a niche pocket of emo. 

My personal favorite is "Homesick," and the beginning drums and guitar. Literally makes me feel homesick, but in a way that's reminiscent of that hate/love-your-hometown kinda way. Reaaaallly touching stuff...emo..


Photography by Angela Zamora/ @mex4art


What did you think of the show? Any favorite parts?

Leo: It was a really good show. I think as opposed to a lot of shows in this city specifically, there was like a good sense of community. And just the fact that like everyone was there to clearly enjoy the music. But it didn't feel like insular, and  I think that's because Vs Self is such an internet phenomenon now.

M: Mhm.

Leo: But I think that's a good thing in this way, because so many people bonded over it cos' it's like 'oh we all know these songs,' and we all fuck with this music. 

M: That's true!

Leo: Yeah. I think it was good. Bro one of my favorite parts was when, somebody got down in the pit and started fucking like, rowing. Do you remember that?

M: Rowing?!

Leo: Yeah! They were doing the like-- boat thing.

M: No!

Leo: And then like five other people joined them! Yeah! It was fucking sick, it was awesome.

M: Damn.

I was curious on how listeners felt about Vs Self, including some members from radio club.


Moment in question when I lost my piercing T-T

Leo: Other favorite parts.. I busted my lip. That was awesome. 

M: You busted your lip?!

Leo: Well Efrem got my--

M: Oh yeah! Yeah yeah!

Leo: He like, punched me. Like I don't even know how--

M: Bro I lost my freaking nose piercing. That venue took a little bit from us.

Leo: Yeah. And Ziola's fucken headphones.

M: (Gasps) Forreaaal! Aww my god.

Leo: Yeah. So sad.


How'd you find out about Vs Self?

Blair: I found out about vs self from when they played in Seattle a couple years back, my friends went to see them but I didn’t and I remember being super jealous and feeling left out LOL. I’m glad I finally got to see them.

M: How was the show? Any favorite parts?

Blair: The show was super fun. I thought It was funny how they played a Rihanna song right before their set, it was super unexpected but like… I was into it.


My favorite part of the show was catching the Knumears drumstick! I’ve never gotten a stick before but I always wanted one because l think it’s a super cool thing that drummers do. Like, “yeah that set was lit have part of my instrument”. It’s covered in dents from their set… Awesome. 


Photography by Leo Pickard/ @txtb0y  & Angela Zamora/ @mex4art

For me, I found them through Spotify, when they start playing recommended songs after the playlist ends. I've been listening to Knumears since last year, and Vs Self would play as a recommended but I never added them into a playlist. I got used to hearing them follow whatever playlist or queue of songs. I started paying more attention this year after finally adding them onto my playlists. 


They're also heading over to Socal now to do two shows, in San Diego and Petaluma. So if you're heading to Socal in the summer, you don't wanna miss that..

They released a split project in April, between Knumears, Catalyst, and Party Hats.



Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 4.27.29 PM.png

Flyers for upcoming events in Socal!!!

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 4.27.38 PM.png

Special thanks to Sierra, Nyah, and Goldenvoice for setting up this opportunity!

And thank you to Radio Club <3 

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